We understand the importance of professionally-crafted scripts as the starting point for any successful video project. Our experienced scriptwriter will discuss your objectives and the target audience before developing creative concepts and clearly defined script structures. Once the structure is agreed, the detailed script will be developed. We will seek your feedback at every key stage, until you are happy to sign off the final draft.


The script will, obviously, focus on your objectives, but we will also offer advice based on years' of experience, particularly with regard to the subtle changes required for different delivery methods - big screen, laptop, exhibition presentation, video streaming, and so on.


We have developed scripts for a wide range of clients from multinationals to sole traders, with topics ranging from fashion and consumer goods to sophisticated corporate and technical programmes. Scripts can feature high impact, impressive corporate positioning, subtle persuasion, humour or clearly ordered information. At Motion Pictures International we guarantee a script to meet all your business objectives.

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