Filmed in Frankfurt, edited in the UK

For Avocent we filmed a testimonial video (or success video, as they are sometimes called). Avocent delivers IT infrastructure management solutions that reduce operating costs, simplify management and increase the availability of critical IT environments 24/7 via integrated, centralised in-band and out-of- band hardware and software. The video focused on Wolfgang Ader, Capgemini’s Head of Infrastructure Management Central Europe, explaining the vital importance of Avocent’s solution in enabling the consolidation and centralisation of the Capgemini Data Centres in Central Europe. To win the business – which was Avocent’s first project of this type – we pitched against several other companies. In projects like this we provide excellent value for money and always try to exceed our client’s expectations.

Our role

We took the project all the way from initial ideas through filming and post-production, working with several Avocent contacts in the USA and Germany. The film crew were sourced locally in Frankfurt to save on the expense of transporting crew from the UK and editing took place on-site at Avocent in the UK, using one of our high-definition edit suites.

Benefits of video

  • Video is the most retentive medium available to us today, a lot more so than the written or spoken word
  • It enables you to connect directly with existing and potential customers on a human level
  • Who better to explain the advantages of your services or products than your customers? With a testimonial video they talk directly to your prospects on your website, and the fact that they are talking peer-to-peer builds trust quickly

“Hello Nigel,
Thank you so much. I had a chat with my new boss today and showed him the video; he was very excited about it! Werner, our territory manager, loved the video as well! Everyone is very excited and I have been getting very positive feedback! So thank you once again and have a great weekend.
Best regards.” Ines Pettigrew – Marketing Manager Central & Eastern Europe

“Hiya, Nigel,
Everyone LOVES the video! Not only are there no changes, but also the VP of Marketing gave us a big, fat “Atta Girl”…er… “Atta Boy” in your case. Approved as submitted.” Debra Dombrowski – Customer Relations Manager

Linkedin recommendation from Debra Dombrowski

“The top three attributes I selected to describe Nigel for this recommendation were "Expert," "Great Value" and "Great Results" though not necessarily in that order. However, someone considering hiring Nigel should also know that he is a dream to work with. So many creative professionals are temperamental and unprofessional, but not Nigel; he is, in fact, quite the opposite. Nigel's work, of course, is original, creative and visually stunning, but he is also a businessman and conducts himself as such. He understands that the customer has a vision and welcomes input, and is a fantastic communicator before, during and after a project. After working with Nigel on our first project, I could not imagine engaging any other video production vendor again. I also recommended Nigel to several colleagues who have since had excellent experiences. I look forward to enjoying a long working relationship with him” January 20, 2010.